Say Goodnight, Professor Layton

funny video game photos  - Say Goodnight, Professor

Could this be the end for our puzzle-solving professor? Well, it’s not my place to say. I’d like to think he cleverly escapes after solving the puzzle of the repeating shotgun.
However, it is the end of Bob’s House of Video Games. We had a good run and tons of fun, but we are moving to the bigger and better!
All your gaming and nerd needs will be over at Here you will find incisive and wondrous commentary, the likes of which have not been seen here. So basically, it’s better…trust me…it is. You’ll be getting more for your nerd dollar, ie. being Steve Job’s SEXY NURSE!

Side note: Around Wednesday bob’s house will be redirected to, so you can keep your bookmark if you want.

See you in the interwebs,
-Bob Simacrankowitz

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funny video game photos  - Victory!

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Makes Good Sense

funny video game photos  - Makes Good Sense

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That’s How I Roll…

funny video game photos  - That's How I Roll...

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8 Hours Cures Everything

funny video game photos  - 8 Hours Cures Everything

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Damn Turtles

funny video game photos  - Damn Turtles

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funny video game photos  - Robo-Sexuals

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