Say Goodnight, Professor Layton

funny video game photos  - Say Goodnight, Professor

Could this be the end for our puzzle-solving professor? Well, it’s not my place to say. I’d like to think he cleverly escapes after solving the puzzle of the repeating shotgun.
However, it is the end of Bob’s House of Video Games. We had a good run and tons of fun, but we are moving to the bigger and better!
All your gaming and nerd needs will be over at Here you will find incisive and wondrous commentary, the likes of which have not been seen here. So basically, it’s better…trust me…it is. You’ll be getting more for your nerd dollar, ie. being Steve Job’s SEXY NURSE!

Side note: Around Wednesday bob’s house will be redirected to, so you can keep your bookmark if you want.

See you in the interwebs,
-Bob Simacrankowitz

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38 Responses to Say Goodnight, Professor Layton

  1. Darkharmen says:

    “I hope this shotgun remember you a puzzle bitch”

    Pew pew pew.

  2. DrFirefox says:

    All good things must come to an end (and it’s not really ending).

  3. RatDog says:

    Damn, I went to this site many times daily. I am sad to here it is coming to an end. has a lot to live up to. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.



  5. Craig says:

    I’ll see you on the other side, surr.

  6. Ldude893 says:

    Wait, what?

  7. RatDog says:

    Last One

  8. T_T says:

    I havent been on here for about 2 weeks due to dead internets. I get back on here, and the first thing I see is that this is the end. WHY! WHY MUST YOU MAKE MY LIFE ALL DREARY AND SAD!

  9. ehw says:

    WHAT?? F***ING NO!!!! Bob’s house o’ video games can’t be over already!!!111! It’s relatively new to ICHC, could it have been the lack of users and posters!!?? rats….
    RIP oh awesome network….

  10. Ihatewhoevermadethischoice says:

    DON’T GO!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!FREAKIN’ NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!Why do you hate us?!?!?!NOOONONONONONONNONOOOOO!!!!!Don’t do it,this is one of the most awesome sites on ICHC and your giving it up??!?!This,is what will make me absolutely HATE this site!!!!!IT FREAKIN’ WENT AWAY!!!!!

  11. Sarge says:

    I blame the lamers, the trolls, and the spammers. Mostly the spammers.

  12. mab says:

    Out of quarters. Game over.

  13. humulos says:

    I am not pleased. Content better not be affected by the switch, or else I will start a facebook petition. Those always are work.

  14. Schmordy says:

    “I’ll show YOU twelve matchsticks, bitch!”

  15. Friendly Floyd says:

    Wh-what th–? Right after I finally decide to upload my submission?? RRGH– … You’d better guarantee my submission will survive the transition.

    • ben says:

      Who said your submission would be accepted?

    • Friendly Floyd says:

      >_< D'oh, you're right. I wasn't thinking. I must've been distracted by this post. Heck, I tried HALOLZ a while ago, and they haven't picked it up yet.

  16. ben says:

    Maybe if it wasn’t only accessible from the bottom selection area and instead included as one of the choices in the top bar of failblog or some such, it’d have more views, it’ll be missed, regardless and is way better than other sites here (failbook, weddings, babies, food, they’re all failures).

    • ben says:

      Babies, food and weddings are probably only still around because of their inclusion in that bar of ICHC lolcats.

    • ben says:

      That geeks website seems even less popular than this, half of the things have less than 10 votes :/

  17. Danny says:

    Damn, this was my favourite Cheezburger website, I use it way more than the others 😦 This new one looks crap to be honest
    RIP Bob’s House of Video Games, you will be missed.

  18. Hoss says:

    Bob, I am disappoint.

  19. Lurkur says:


  20. Chrisman 007 says:

    The people have spoken (well, typed). Don’t take this site down, it’s too epic!

  21. RatDog says:

    Have expressed my opinion clearly enough?

  22. Gigglemash says:

    And not even before the release of Skyward Sword =(
    I excrete liquid sorrow from my eyes.

  23. carlosfer2201 says:

    It’s the end of a gaming era! So just a couple of years…

  24. Taluien says:

    After my first view over the new site, I call bullshit. Not one thing on the whole page had to do with videogames… great way to ram a funny side into the ground.

  25. Halbam says:

    It was a daily pleasure to read this blog. A pity that it didn’t last. I’ll give this geek page a shot, though.
    Anyway.. thanks for your effort, mate!

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