8 Hours Cures Everything

funny video game photos  - 8 Hours Cures Everything

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19 Responses to 8 Hours Cures Everything

  1. B the BLU says:

    Why does everyone hate these LOLs? The vault boy jokes are a little old, but i still get a chuckle out of them.

  2. Sam says:

    New Vegas on hard core. I have limped for about half the damn game.

  3. WesPip says:

    Not on Hardcore mode, LIAR.

    • MattxAus says:

      not all fallout games are vegas, that being said, not all fallout games are horribly glitched and crap. only about 3/4 of them actually 😛

  4. Cyrus says:

    works like a charm in the capital wasteland. In the hardcore Mojave wasteland… not so much.

  5. ace5762 says:

    Is this a variant of a courage wolf caption? “Break both legs? WALK IT OFF!”

    • SanJecinto says:

      No, it’s in the game, if you get crippled, you can just sleep in a bed, even for an hour(in Fallout 3) and you will wake up with full health and nothing crippled.

  6. Deepwood says:

    I think its supposed to be like the old text-based games. “Pick up sword. Hit goblin with sword. Break both legs. Rest to heal.”

    • SanJecinto says:

      Let me guess, you’ve never played Fallout 3 or New Vegas, dude, that’s about the equal of never getting laid.

    • B the BLU says:

      In Fallout 3 or New Vegas (normal mode) your character’s health and limb condition is healed if you sleep in any bed.

    • Steiner says:

      And despite the Title Comment, I have found 1 hour to mend anything, aside from radiation poisoning and any addictions. Nothing like dragging your half-dead arse to some random mattress lying on the ground and getting up good as knew an hour later.

    • B the BLU says:

      Power nap FTW

  7. SanJecinto says:

    This one is actually funny, and it makes sense, and it is shown in the game! (capital wasteland, not Mojave dessert)

  8. Ferret says:

    In hardcore mode you just have to use a doctor bag to magically heal the legs instantly so not that much different to be honest.

  9. Mongoose says:

    LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!

  10. amanzon3034 says:

    In casual mode, 1 hr can heal from 1 hp and all crippled limb to reborn

  11. Sparks says:

    woo. Finally got something on the Cheezburger network. Happy that some people actually like that. For the record, I never played hardcore on New Vegas. Damn cazadores are hard enough to put down on normal mode. D:

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