Damn Turtles

funny video game photos  - Damn Turtles

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8 Responses to Damn Turtles

  1. jack says:

    So… banana peels and blue shells are cool?

    • The Admiral says:

      My first thought was “Shouldn’t that be a blue shell?” since everybody hates ’em so much, but I guess I was mistaken. Not the first time it’s happened.

    • zem says:

      Sure the blue shell’s more dangerous to the person in front on a per-use basis, but the red shell’s got that perfect mix of common and accurate – enough to make it the “leading cause”.

  2. Samantha Stitches says:

    I Saw This On A Snorg Tees Shirt.

  3. Mario says:

    lol so hey luigi wana go 2 da mall later?

  4. shin0bi272 says:

    alcohol is responsible for more accidents than all of these put together

  5. Ldude893 says:

    Don’t forget banana peels. Damn banana peels.

  6. DUI says:

    If this is a Tee, I need to buy it.

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