That’s How I Roll…

funny video game photos  - That's How I Roll...

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11 Responses to That’s How I Roll…

  1. Intox23 says:

    Bitches love bottlecaps.

  2. Ghostwish says:

    Sense this makes none.

    • Dr.Hax says:

      i know right

    • MattxAus says:

      No, it means you barrel through any raider infested locale, straight for the loot. such as that mine kinda area near the behemoth in FO3, with the raider-trader who sells the unique assault rifle… hell, you gotta test it on SOMEONE.

  3. Ghastly ghost... says:

    This is just stupid. I mean really, really stupid.

  4. Abloopdadooda says:

    Disregarding them, I assume this means not fighting them, which means you do not get caps off of their bodies, which means you do not acquire caps. How does this one make any sense?

  5. Charles_Darwin says:

    Maybe dispose Raiders, bottlecaps are money in that game and they carry some

  6. Anonymous says:

    A simple rehash of the old “Disregard females, acquire currency.”

  7. RandomShellz says:

    This is most likely a reference to the title of the song “Fuck bitches, get money”. This was made into a verbose meme, something like “Disregard women, acquire currency”, something like that. sooooooooo…. it’s a video game meme that’s borrowing from a verbose meme? Something like that?

    Whatever, Fallout needs a better mascot than this Vault Boy series of bad jokes.

  8. Walter44 says:

    I understood it that way that you disregard (=despise) the Raiders for…raiding, but you’re still raiding by acquiring bottlecaps…

    still a stupid joke…

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