Oh, Dammit!

funny video game photos - Oh, Dammit!

Submitted by: Unknown

Here I was all excited and now my hopes have been dashed against the rocky shores of reality. I hate reality, and it hates me right back.

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15 Responses to Oh, Dammit!

  1. Fenex says:

    As a beta tester i can tell everyone, there has been more negitive feed back from beta testers than good, and im not talking about bugs or anything like that… the game itself is flawed on so many levels… honestly im not expecting to see open beta at all.. so those people who would canceled reservations on the game, wont realize how awful it is till its to late

    • Xenef says:

      Or maybe you should just get back to your stupid WoW and let people, who like good games, play them.

    • gardenlobster says:

      Agreed. The user interface is almost totally menu-based. They managed to improve its speed by the 3rd beta, but still clunky as hell. The stress testing was a true show of fail on their part. They’ll never be able to handle server loads.

      Several other major issues still existed at the end of last test. We all knew it’s just NOT ready.

    • Siege223 says:

      it’s a beta, not the finished product. Of course it’s going to be flawed.

    • gardenlobster says:

      It should at least be tolerable to play in order to test.

      The problem doesn’t lie in bugs, it lies in the conceptualization of the gameplay. Bugs they can fix. Broken battle systems and user interface need a lot more thought process to change completely aside from technical adjustments. Some aspects of the game players absolutely hated, but they were key to the game’s design.

      Then there was the graphics card and connection requirements, half of which made SE out to be liars – so many patches to try to fix compatibility with cards they said already work. Honestly, if this is something designed for the casual gamer (as in, we all grew up & got married and couldn’t stand Dynamis for 3 hrs because the baby needed to be fed and quit FFXI) to gain back some market share, they need to make it playable with the average off the shelf Dell or Acer with ye olde Comcast. Hardcore gamers aren’t their target customer base. Your exp drops off after an hour or two anyway on the same job class. Not worth the $3k gaming PC to pay 15 bucks a month for a pretty game with shitty game play and lackluster story line. It’s definitely gorgeous.

      God help the poor PS3 owners…they had no means of making it compatible with those system components or controllers.

      FFXI beta was playable and for the most part ready to go from the start. This was not just buggy, but conceptually a letdown. I have a feeling most people will dump it after the free trial.

    • MDX says:

      EVERY beta is full of negative feedback. I’ve participated in many betas and yet everyone yelled “DOOOOOM” over and over again and guess what? The games I tested DID release and are doing pretty good.

  2. Evarin says:

    I know But this is typical Square I was excited when I got the Email this morning only to see that..

  3. WoW says:


  4. L says:

    who’s think same

  5. Kyonshi says:

    Game studios should launch the game when ITS FINISHED-TESTED IN ITS ENTIRETY-TRIPLE CHECKED and stop shouting all around a release date when they can’t honor it. Nothing can be perfect, but for ****’s sake, people are relentlessly waiting for the game and expect it to be playable in the most optimal and coherent as possible.

    I was a big FFXI player and i loved it couple years ago, but now Square-Enix deserves nothing more than the Finger for what they just pulled off. Take all the time you need to refine the game, i don’t care if its going to give something tremedously awesome, but guys, stop stiring people’s hopes by announcing such rubbish unpolished half-game, supposedly playable…

  6. nunya says:

    @fenex. you’re full of shit. 20,000 CE reservations don’t lie. I’ve played the beta too. Everyone I have talked to who isn’t a WOW whore has said it is awesome and I agree.

  7. trueblue says:

    Beta is back on as of tonight 9/1. I tested since alpha and imo the game will be great. Not everyones cup of tea for a mmo but still solid. The people complaining just can’t handle change from the norm.

  8. nunya says:

    And it’s back! Today!

  9. Thunder says:

    FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test Will Start on Sep. 1!

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